Approved Handler Course

30 November -0001

The TPC will be conducting further HSNO Approved Handler courses in November 2013.

If you are a user of timber preservatives and anti-sapstain chemicals it is most likely that you are required to have certified approved handlers for your site for the purposes of health and safety and environmental protection. This is a requirement of the Hazardous Substances & New Organisms (Personnel Qualifications) Regulations. Please feel free to check with me if you are unsure of your status.

Who should attend? – Managers and Supervisors are people who should attend.

 Approved handlers have a responsibility to know how timber preservatives and anti-sapstains used at their sites should be stored and handled, the potential hazards posed by each and the regulations under which they are used. Because aspects of the use of the preservatives and anti-sapstains require supervision and management, those attending should be in positions of responsibility in terms of these products on site. Those attending should be familiar with the provisions of The Best Practice Guideline for the Safe Use of Timber Preservatives and Anti-sapstain Chemicals

The following dates and locations are confirmed for our next round of approved handler courses.

South Auckland–
Wednesday 6 November 2013, 10.00am to 2.00pm The Cabin, Domestic Terminal Conference Centre, L1, Domestic Terminal, Auckland Airport, tel 09 256 8924

The cost for Certification & HSNO course attendance is as follows:

Full Certificate: TPC licensees $225.00 + GST ~ Non TPC licensees $450.00 + GST

The course covers the following content that is essential following content that is essential to qualify as an Approved Handler.

 The HSNO hazard classifications for the timber treatment and anti-sapstain chemicals for which she/he is to be an approved handler.
 The adverse effects that could be caused by each of the substances.
 Explain the controls that are imposed under HSNO in respect of timber treatment and anti-sapstain chemicals.
 Describe the obligations and liabilities as an approved handler for timber treatment and anti-sapstain chemicals.
 Describe the regulations that apply in respect of timber treatment and anti-sapstain chemicals.
 Describe the conditions of his or her test certificate as an approved handler.

Following completion of the course, candidates’ experience will be assessed from the information provided on an experience form.

Two criteria need to be met before a certificate can be granted to a candidate. These are:

 Successful completion of a training course.
 Proof of experience through completion of an experience declaration.

For further details about how to enrol contact the TPC office, tel 04 473 5200 or

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